[Announcement] Dunamu Launches Upbit Staking Beta Service

Dunamu recently launched the beta version of Upbit Staking, a digital asset staking service available to Upbit users in South Korea.

Upbit Staking allows users to hold digital assets in a secure, staking-only wallet managed by DXM, Dunamu’s DeFi subsidiary. The assets are used to support the operations of blockchain networks, and users receive digital assets as rewards. Unlike most other staking services, Upbit Staking’s rewards are based on reward rates and cycles rather than wallet snapshots.

Upbit Staking is currently only available via the PC web in South Korea, with four digital assets available for staking: Cosmos (ATOM), LUNA (LUNA), MARO (Maro), and TRON (TRX). During the beta period, there is a cap of KRW 50 million (approx. USD 43,000) per user.

Dunamu plans to expand the Upbit Staking to mobile platforms and add a wider range of stakable digital assets by the end of the year while fine-tuning the service based on user and partner feedback.



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