[Announcement] Upbit Cryptocurrency Index Introduces New DeFi Theme Index

The Upbit Cryptocurrency Index (UBCI) recently introduced a new DeFi (decentralized finance) Theme Index, which allows Upbit investors to track the market for DeFi-related digital assets.

With DeFi’s market cap surpassing $10 billion this year, UBCI’s DeFI Index was designed to meet the growing interest of investors by providing a convenient overview of the DeFi market based on Upbit’s real-time prices.

It’s currently comprised of three blockchain projects: decentralized transaction protocol Kyber Network (KNC), Cosmos network-based platform Kava (KAVA), and Tron’s stablecoin Just (JST).

Dunamu’s Data Value Team plans to introduce additional UBCI indexes that offer timely and accurate information on industries and keywords with high investor interest.

In addition to Theme Indexes, UBCI also includes the Upbit Market Index, which is calculated for all digital assets traded on Upbit’s KRW market, and Strategy Indexes, which are comprised of digital assets designed for strategic investments.

Daily and real-time indexes can be found on Upbit as well as UBCI’s official website.



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