[In the Media] Dunamu Service Updates and Announcements for 1Q 2020

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In the Media looks at news reports relevant to Dunamu / Upbit and the digital asset industry as a whole

For this edition of In the Media, we look at key service updates and announcements by Dunamu, Upbit’s parent company, as covered in recent media reports.

- Dunamu Offers One-week Free Trial of Stock Plus Premium Services (Tech M)
“With COVID-19 hurting investor sentiment, we decided to provide our users with free access to various Stock Plus premium services in the hopes of helping them better navigate the stock market. Our continued goal is to provide users with services that will guide them towards successful investment decisions,” said a spokesperson for Dunamu.

- Stock Plus Unlisted Designated as an ‘Innovative Financial Service’… Opens Door for One-stop Orders (Electronic News)
Dunamu’s Stock Plus Unlisted, the country’s first unlisted securities trading platform, was designated as an ‘Innovative Financial Service’ by the Financial Services Commission (FSC). As a result, the platform can now directly process private company stock transactions without going through a securities firm.

As an ‘Innovative Financial Service’, Dunamu has a special exemption to operate an unlisted securities trading platform despite not being a licensed Financial Investment Business operator.

“As an online trading platform, (Stock Plus Unlisted) will provide a more convenient and secure trading environment for unlisted securities, while offering greater capital funding opportunities for innovative SMEs,” stated the FSC in an official press release.

- Lambda256 to Support Hyperledger 2.0 on Luniverse Platform (ZDNet)
Lambda 256, Dunamu’s subsidiary specializing in blockchain platforms, announced that its Luniverse BaaS platform now supports Hyperledger Fabric 2.0.

Luniverse will support users with blockchain and DApp development on Hyperledger Fabric 2.0., in addition to chaincode distribution. According to Lambda256, Luniverse is the first BaaS platform in South Korea to support Hyperledger Fabric 2.0.

* All article excerpts translated by Upbit Communications Team



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