[Maintenance] Temporary Suspension of KRW deposit/withdrawal, Kbank account registration due to Kbank system upgrade, More

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[Maintenance] Temporary Suspension of KRW deposit/withdrawal, Kbank account registration due to Kbank system upgrade

Due to the system upgrade of Kbank, Upbit KRW deposit and withdrawal, Kbank account registration/authentication will be temporarily suspended during the maintenance period.
Please refer to the details below regarding the system maintenance.
*All services are available during the maintenance period, except for KRW deposit/withdrawal and Kbank account registration/authentication

[Maintenance Period]

  • Nov 14th, 2021 (Sun) 00:00 to 06:00 AM (KST) (approx. 6 hrs)
    *The maintenance may be completed earlier or later than scheduled, and the service will be available without further notice.


  • Details of the maintenance : Kbank computing equipment replacement and system upgrade

We apologize for the inconvenience.
Thank you.

[Maintenance] Server maintenance guide (3:00~, Nov 15th)

We would like to inform you that Upbit will perform a temporary server maintenance.
Orders on KRW, BTC and USDT market under the following conditions will be suspended to protect users’ assets safely, so please read the following details.
*We notify you 3 days in advance to minimize the impact on investors due to the increase in global liquidity. Kindly have the maintenance schedule in mind.
*withdrawal/deposit for KRW and digital assets are temporarily suspended from Nov 15th 03:00 am to Nov 15th 06:00 am.

[Maintenance Schedule]

  • Server Maintenance Period: Nov 15th 2021 03:00 ~ Nov 15th 06:00 (Approx. 3 hours)

[Effect on the market]

  • All transactions(KRW, BTC and USDT market) will be temporarily suspended.

[Order Cancellation]
*Once the support of KRW, BTC and USDT market transactions is resumed after the end of the maintenance, we will suspend orders under the following condition.

  • Buy orders with the price higher than the last traded price before 2021–11–15 03:00

We will continue to provide a more convenient and comfortable trading environment for our users with various functions.
Thank you.