[Notice] Essential information related to the disclosure system for investors’ protection, More

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Recently, growing interest on digital assets has led to an increased request of disclosure. In addition, price fluctuation of digital assets has been repeated immediately after the deployment, regardless of the importance of the disclosure/pre-announcement.

The purpose of the disclosure is to be used as a reference for resolving information asymmetry. (See Project Information Disclosure) Nevertheless, please be aware of the price changes that occur immediately after the deployment, regardless of the purpose or content of the disclosure. Once again, we would like to inform you to use the disclosure only as a reference for your investment judgment.

When the project’s disclosure request is delivered, we are trying to determine whether the disclosure is pre-disclosure / authenticity.

1) If the project requests the disclosure without notifying to Upbit even though the disclosure was already released in advance, the deployment of the disclosure will be rejected when the pre-disclosure is found through monitoring.
2) If the disclosure is pre-released and the project team notifies Upbit of the pre-disclosure and requests its deployment, the disclosure will be released with the [Pre-disclosure] mark in the title only if it has not been long since the initial deployment.(applies on 2021–03–03)

Upbit has been checking whether all disclosures are already released or not. However, speculative rumors may occur in a wide range of online private communities and channels, and if a project is found to have intentional leaks, we are planning to have strict policies such as warning/sanction or suspension of further disclosure as following measures.

[Announcement] Information on digital assets held by Dunamu & Partners (February 2021)

Through our previous announcement, we’ve declared that Dunamu & Partners will not sell digital assets it invested on for three months from the date such digital assets got listed on Upbit, and have also announced the change of its hold amount of such digital assets at the end of the month through Upbit’s announcement corner.

As of February 2021, Dunamu & Partners’ hold amount of digital assets is as follows.
*The following was notified to us by Dunamu & Partners’ on February 28, 2021, for posting, and the details of the following were written by Dunamu & Partners.

Details of public announcement posted on February 28, 2021
Update date : 2021–02–28

1) MARO (Before rebranding : TTC)




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