[Notice] Telecommunication Finance fraud (Fraud cases of listing inquiries and listing fee)

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Lately, there have been cases impersonating Upbit staffs asking for listing fee by email.

[Case 1 — Listing Fee Deposit Request]

The scammer spoofing Upbit’s official email address(listing@upbit.com) requesting for a listing fee deposit.

[Case 2 — Requesting Information for Listing]

The scammer using a similar Upbit’s official email address(listing@upbit.com) requesting the token information without any fees before listing.

Upbit receives listing inquiries only through the official listing page.
Upbit staffs do not request for any listing inquiry/fee through personal email or social media accounts.

The use of our official listing email (listing@upbit.com) was to receive listing inquieries made through our listing inquiry page, and to request additional documents from project team that were in the pre-review stage.

However, to avoid damage to our projects and investors due to various impersonating cases, we will stop the use of listing@upbit.com beginning from April 7th, 2021.

Kindly send an inquiry through our official listing page, and be aware of scammers using listing@upbit.com

Also, we have a listing fraud reporting page. Kindly go to the link below in case of any listing fraud received by email or social media.

[How to Report]
1) PC Web : Customer Center > Listing policy and listing inquiry > Reporting Listing fraud
2) Mobile : My information > Customer Center > Reporting Listing fraud

Upbit will always maintain a high level of transparency and sound trading environment.
Thank you.



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