[Notice] Telecommunication Finance Fraud Warning (the addition of cases of fraud impersonating celebrities)

Photo by AbsolutVision on Unsplash

Recently, there have been a series of reports on cases of damage through social media such as Twitter and Facebook that they impersonate a CEO of a particular company and encourage victims to deposit digital assets that pretend to return lucrative amounts of digital assets.

[Actual Damage Cases]
Fraud via social media messages

Person A received a Twitter message impersonating the CEO of the wellknown company. A accessed a specific website through the link in the message, and when A saw that A’s BTC would be returned 10 times of its amount when A deposits the BTC to a specific wallet address, A sent the BTC caused damages.

Fraud via video platform

Person B will watch live interviews about digital assets spoken by a famous CEO on certain video platform. When B saw that B’s BTC would be returned three times of its amount when B deposits the BTC to a specific wallet address, B sent the BTC caused damages.

Please be more cautious when getting recommendation of a deposit to return the lucrative amount of digital assets.

If you receive a similar offer, please report it to the contacts below immediately.

Upbit is operating a 24-hour monitoring system for deposits and withdrawals 365 days and 24 hours a day to protect your assets safely from a series of recent financial frauds, and will do our best to report the fraud cases.

Thank you.