[Notice] Upbit Impersonation Account Caution Notice

Photo by AbsolutVision on Unsplash

-Upbit Impersonation Account Caution Notice
Please note that we have noticed a Linkedin account is impersonating the CEO of Upbit. We have reported on Linkedin several times, but please be more cautious about the impersonation account is still active.

[Impersonation Account of the CEO of Upbit]

[Upbit employees impersonation listing proposal account]

Not only the LinkedIn channel, but none of the employees of Upbit offer a listing proposal or request for listing fees via social media or email.

Upbit has been accepting listing inquiries only through the official listing channel. <Go to Upbit Listing Policy and Inquiries>

In addition, Upbit operates a listing fraud reporting channel, so if you receive a listing proposal or request for listing equipment by pretending to be an employee of Upbit via SNS or email, please report it.

[How to report]
1) PC Web: Customer Center> Policy notice and listing inquiry> listing fraud report
2) Mobile: My Information> Customer Center> Report on listing fraud

The official SNS account of Upbit is as follows, so please refer to it.

Upbit will always maintain a high level transparency and sound trading environment.

Thank you.



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