[Upbit Notes] BTC Market Listing Update, New Asset Preview Feature

- New Listing Update: Chainlink (LINK)
Chainlink (LINK) is the latest digital asset listed on Upbit’s BTC market. The minimum deposit amount required is 0.3 LINK.

Chainlink project description:
Chainlink is a decentralized Oracle network comprised of data purchasers and providers. As a blockchain middleware solution, Chainlink has brought external data into the Ethereum blockchain and implemented a secure data feeding service using blockchain smart contracts. Currently, many decentralized financial services companies are using Chainlink to get digital asset market data feed and Chainlink (LINK) is a utility digital asset used as a payment method on these data network services.

- Upbit Introduces Asset Preview Feature for Mobile Apps
Upbit recently introduced the Asset Preview Feature for its Android and iOS apps. The feature is a convenient way for mobile traders to check key digital asset information directly from the Upbit exchange screen.

By turning on the Preview feature in the Display Settings menu, traders can now view real-time information on price, volume, order book, and more with a single click.

You can find out more about the new feature here.



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