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[Upbit Notes] Information on changing the minimum order amount at KRW market to stabilize the trading system, More

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Recently, there have been a series of cases of performance degradation in the service due to excessive small orders using the OPEN API.

Please note that the minimum order amount of all KRW markets will be changed to prevent the decline of performance and provide a more stable trading environment. Also, the minimum order amount using the OPEN API can be adjusted in the future.

Please refer to the details of the changes below.

[Applied Markets and Change of Minimum Order Amount]

  • Market: All KRW markets
  • Minimum order amount: 5,000 won
    *After the server stability is secured in the future, the modified minimum order amount will be applied only for orders using the OPEN API. If any changes occur, we will update the information through this notice.

    [Period of Server Deployment]
  • Apply after 2021.02.15 (Mon) 12:30 (sequentially applied by markets)

  • After the deployment, it may not be possible to sell order without additional buy order in case of holding under the minimum order amount.
  • Please be aware that if you cancel a small amount of outstanding sell orders, it may be under the minimum order amount.
  • It will be applied sequentially during the server deployment, so please proceed with the order more than the minimum order amount for a stable transaction.

    We will do our best to support a more stable trading environment.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

[Notice] Improvements of the disclosure system to protect investors (A restriction of Upbit distribution for the previous announcements and pre-leaked disclosure information)

With the recent increase in a market interest of digital assets, it has been observed that the price of digital assets has been increased dramatically right after the distribution of the disclosure.

In particular, as the previously distributed information has been shared secondarily from the Upbit platform, it has led to a huge fluctuation in the price of digital assets.

If the leaked information is released by Upbit after the first distribution, there is a concern that it will undermine the original purpose of the project’s announcement of “A Protection for Investers through the Transparent Distribution of the First disclosure.”

We would like to inform you that Upbit will avoid secondary distribution of previous announcements and pre-leaked announcements.

*As the disclosure is that Upbit provides a link to the publication of the Digital Asset Project for the request from the digital assets’ project team, Upbit is not responsible for the result of investments and does not validate or guarantee about the disclosure information.

Upbit will always maintain a high level of transparency and sound trading environment.

Thank you.