[Upbit Notes] New Digital Asset Withdrawal Policy, More

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Introduction of New Digital Asset Withdrawal Policy
Upbit has introduced a new digital asset withdrawal policy starting November 28, 2020. A 24-hour withdrawal delay is now in effect in order to protect our users from phishing scams and other illegal activities. The new policy only applies to digital assets. Find out more via our official notice.

New Listing Update
We have a lot of new listings to update you on this week, for both our KRW and BTC markets.

[KRW & BTC] SOMESING project description:
SOMESING is a music creation platform for everyone who likes to sing and listen to songs. It’s a social music service that incorporates blockchain technology so that producers can receive sufficient rewards for their creative activities. Sing all songs free of charge 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and receive economic rewards through gifts, supports, and events from the community

[KRW] Metadium project description:
Metadium builds a decentralized identity authentication platform using blockchain. In the current centralized identity authentication system, it is hard to say that ownership of personal information is entirely individual. Metadium uses Meta ID (Meta ID) to ensure that users have full control over the creation, management, provision, and deletion of personal information to ensure ownership of personal information.

[KRW & BTC] Observer project description:
Observer is a cloud sourcing platform for weather observation and weather big data processing. Anyone can participate in the platform using observer’s own “Weather Station” and/or “Observation App” and receive OBSR as reward in exchange for their weather data. Observer builds a much finer observation mesh network and collects local weather data where the current observation networks run by governments are not capable of collecting.



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