[Upbit Notes] New Listing Update

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  • New Listing Update

You can now trade AUCTION (Bounce) and DAWN (Dawn Protocol) on Upbit’s BTC markets.

[BTC market] AUCTION (Bounce) and DAWN (Dawn Protocol)

AUCTION (Bounce) project description:
Bounce(AUCTION) is a decentralized competitive swap platform, allowing users to create swap pools with fixed or dynamic prices.
AUCTION is the native utility token of the platform and is used for the following:OTC Trade : Trade publicly or privately between parties with Fixed-swap
Initial Token Offering: Launch or invest in initial token sales with Sealed-bid or Dutch auction.
NFT Auction: Buy or sell rare blockchain-based assets with English auction

DAWN (Dawn Protocol) project description:
Dawn Protocol (DAWN) is a platform which provides tournament match services to PC game users including Call of Duty and Dota and has high traffic with over 100,000 monthly users. DAWN is used for admission fees, item purchases, and tournament rewards within the service, and token has secured more advanced on-chain functionality than ERC-20 by utilizing ERC-777 protocol.

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