[Upbit Notes] New Listing Update

Upbit Official
2 min readJan 22, 2021


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- New Listing Update

Here’s an outline of latest listings on Upbit’s BTC and KRW markets.
[BTC Market]
PICA(Pica), CELO(Celo)
[KRW Market] The Sandbox(SAND)

  • BTC Market

PICA(Pica) project description:
PICA token is available for use as a payment method within the business ecosystem of Pica Project located in Korea. PICA tokens can be used for co-ownership, sale, auction, exhibition, and donation of artworks by famed artists in both Korea and abroad.Combining the latest IT technologies with the art industry, our mission is to spearhead the popularization of art ownership and advancement of the overall industry. Organizing various exhibitions to connect the public with art, and preparing prominent artists for the global market, we aim to influence the flow of modern art.

CELO(Celo) project description:
Celo is an open platform that makes financial tools accessible to anyone with a mobile phone. Its mission is to build a financial system that creates the conditions for prosperity — for everyone. Celo allows for an ecosystem of powerful applications built on top, including easier cash transfer programs, peer-to-peer lending, collaborative small-scale insurance, and other digital assets and wallets. Celo’s protocol includes unique features that create a seamless user experience on mobile phones to create a truly inclusive financial system.

  • KRW Market

The Sandbox(SAND) project description:
The Sandbox is a virtual world where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences in the Ethereum blockchain using SAND, the platform’s utility token. Players can create digital assets (Non-Fungible Tokens, aka NFTs), upload them to the marketplace, and drag-and-drop them to create various game experiences with The Sandbox Game Maker.