[Upbit Notes] New Listing Update, More

- New Listing Update: Origin Protocol (OGN)
Origin Protocol (OGN) is now available for trading on Upbit’s BTC market.

Origin Protocol project description:
Origin Protocol provides a platform for building peer-to-peer marketplaces and e-commerce applications. Users can buy or sell goods and services on these marketplaces, and developers can create their own applications powered by the Origin blockchain.

If you’re unable to find OGN on your Upbit app, go to the Settings menu and refresh Receive Information on Listed Digital Assets.

- Withdrawal and Deposit Reopenings: Komodo (KMD) and IOTA (IOTA)
Withdrawal and deposit for Komodo (KMD) has reopened. Existing deposit addresses are no longer available, so if you have them registered to personal wallets or other exchanges, make sure to delete them as soon as possible. You can generate a new deposit address by logging in to your Upbit account, then select the Withdrawal/Deposit menu → select KMD → click Generate Deposit Address.

Meanwhile, IOTA (IOTA) is scheduled to reopen on April 20, 2020 at 6 PM (KST). A new deposit address is required for IOTA as well, but they are for ONE-TIME USE ONLY. Your existing address will be deactivated after each deposit and a Create Deposit Address button will be visible. If you make a deposit to an address that has been deactivated, you can recover it only once due to IOTA’s security guidelines. It may take up to several weeks to recover the deposit, so please make sure to issue a new address each time.

Please check the official notice for specific instructions.



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