[Upbit Notes] New Listing Update, Quarterly Deposits Account Audit, More

- New Listing Update: ITAM Games (ITAM)
ITAM Games (ITAM) is now available for trading on Upbit’s BTC market.

ITAM Games project description:
Itam Games is a blockchain game platform using public blockchain to provide gamers the value of digital assets. Itam’s SDK add value to already existing mobile games with blockchain technology merged into the gaming experience. Furthermore, Itam supports multi-protocol platforms that allows users to store gaming information and items on various blockchain protocols. With Itam’s innovative technology, both gamers and developers secure valuable data and digital assets as they wish.

If you’re unable to find ITAM on your Upbit app, go to the Settings menu and refresh Receive Information on Listed Digital Assets.

- Upbit Quarterly Deposits Audit Report Released
Each quarter, Upbit releases a deposits audit report. The report’s purpose is to ensure (1) that our users’ fiat and digital asset deposit account balances are accurately recorded and (2) that Upbit is fully capable of meeting users’ withdrawal requests without delay.

The recent audit completed by an external auditor on April 1, 2020 shows that Upbit’s reserve ratio for fiat stands at 120.71%, while the reserve ratio for digital assets is 100.82%. The figures indicate that both Upbit’s fiat (KRW) and cryptocurrency assets exceed users users’ deposit total.

You can find the full report (Korean only) in the official notice.

- Service Interruption Due to System Upgrade
Authentication and registration of KRW withdrawal and deposit accounts will be suspended for approximately one hour from midnight to 1 a.m. on April 26, 2020 (KST) due to system upgrade. All other services will be available during the window, but there may be some delays to the processing of KRW withdrawal and deposit requests. The official notice is available here.



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