[Upbit Notes] Upbit Lounge Reopening, New Listing Update

Photo by AbsolutVision on Unsplash

- Upbit Lounge Reopening
Upbit Lounge, our offline customer center located in Gangnam, has reopened to the public.

To minimize the risk of COVID-19 and maintain a safe and healthy environment for our staff and visitors, we will be taking the following precautions:

- Mandatory temperature checks for all visitors at the entrance
- Mandatory masks or face coverings for all visitors
- Thorough sterilization of all facilities at least three times a day
- Placement of multiple hand sanitizer stations

If you plan to visit the Upbit Lounge, please follow our staff’s instructions to ensure all remain as safe as possible. Our operation schedule is based on current government guidelines and is subject to change. We’ll make sure to inform you of any changes through our official channels.

- New Listing Update: Quiztok (QTCON) and MVL (MVL)
Quiztok (QTCON) and MVL (MVL) are now available for trading on Upbit’s BTC market.

Quiztok project description:
Quiztok provides a blockchain-based Quiz Content Platform comprised of quiz creators/players/curators, advertisers, and others. Participants earn reward points based on various actions, and the points can be exchanged for QTCON. The platform is accessible via major messaging apps including Kakao Talk, Line and Telegram.

MVL project description:
MVL connects all vehicle-related services in a single ecosystem based on trustworthy data. Participants that provide accurate and transparent data related to vehicle management/driving/repair/transportation services receive commensurate rewards.




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